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Why I Hate Frames

Frames. A common response -- arghh!

What follows is an example of why I hate frames (in principle), in two easy steps.

  • Step One. Go to Wired site to read about the women's protest of Mr. Gates' all boys techno-conference. Discover Wired News is now done in frames. Not too bad. Get to end of story. Try to follow 'additional stories' link.

  • Step Two. Discover that Wired is coded so that Frames open up inside frames .... a new twist on cascading sheets. Readable? Yeah, right.

I must say that I don't dislike frames per se, I just see very few sites where they actually add value to the visitor. A few come to mind, but most are internal intranet applications. Frames can work fine for small amounts of discrete information; the key here is discrete (small blocks, not Miss Manners).

Linking to lots of other docs, within or outside a site, is a frames challenge.

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