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So you've decided you need a web site? You've come to the right place!

We believe that as a medium, the Net is bigger than electronic marketing (although this is certainly an area where it excels). We specialize in information and public affairs sites (we could produce a site to market widgits, but it's not our specialty). Communicating content effectively, that's our motto.

We can help you determine if your need is primarily information or marketing (for example) and then develop appropriate communications objectives, identify your target audience, suggest site look-and-feel, provide technical editing if necessary, recommend a home for the site, arrange site name registration, connect you with artists ... if it's related to the Web, we can help.

There are more details inside ... credentials ... columns and papers (most recently at the WWW6 Conference in Santa Clara, California) ... tips and resources ... and our design philosophy. So please, explore!

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